Basketball Hoops Reviews

Toddlers who enjoy playing ball would find sure delight in a basketball goal that’s perfect for their small height. A basketball hoop is always a great gift of choice for a male toddler. Children show their affinity for sports early on. Even a one-year-old child will show interest in basketball if one of the games he enjoys the most is shooting balls into a container.

Adults, who are still not convinced that a basketball goal for toddlers is a great gift option, think about what precious little tyke could learn and develop with his basketball hoop. At first, the game will just be another ball play for very young children, but eventually, rules can be laid down for a proper game of basketball for kids. In this way, the kids are having fun and learning how to be a team player at the same time.

Take your pick

When you are shopping for a toddler basketball hoop for a birthday present, you’d naturally want to give to your precious little athlete a product that durable, presentable, and at the same time fun to play with. You’d also want the basketball hoop to be very easy to assemble and afterward stable to use even for the most aggressive slam dunkers. Another requirement that needs to be fulfilled is that the set-up must be easy to transport from one area of the house to another.

Some companies like Little Tikes have been around for many decades, and their basketball goals and hoops are some of the most popular items around. Another good line-up is provided by EasyScore. Its main advantage is that they offer quality gift items at very affordable prices. Other well-known manufacturers of high-quality basketball sets for toddlers are Fisher-Price and Spalding.

These and many other companies that manufacture high quality and fun basketball goal stands, hoops and nets can be depended on to provide basketball sets made from safe and performance-tested materials. Some low-performance goals typically present with problematic nets. The net that is attached to the hoop is sometimes too narrow that the ball gets caught on it. The better brands have been using more stretchable nets to avoid the very frustrating event of shooting the ball without the satisfactory thump on the floor that follows a good shot.

Setting it up

There are two types of basketball goals for kids—indoor and outdoor. The goal could tip over, and that is why parents are advised to fill the base with sand so that it would be more stable. For outdoor set-ups, there is no trouble with this, but dust could cause such a mess should it spill inside the house. Outdoor goals may also be filled water. When full to the brim, the kids can do all the slam dunking that they want because it becomes very stable equipment to play with.

Many happy years of basketball

Even the very young (or small for his age) toddler can be given a basketball set since most brands are available at a mere 2.5 feet in height. Godparents ought not to worry that they’d be giving a toy that may be too challenging for a little child because the height of the goal is usually adjustable. And the best thing about modern toys for toddlers is that the basketball itself comes in tiny sizes such that even the littlest hands would have no difficulty grasping the ball to shoot it.

There’s also no need to worry about how long the toy would be of use to the child since a typical basketball goal for toddlers would be adjustable to a maximum height of four feet. Therefore, as the child and his playmate grow, they will still be able to play with the set-up. This gift idea is truly one of the best that parents, relatives, and family friends can wrap up and give a 2ft. Tall novice sports enthusiast.

And who says basketball is just for boys? You can develop an athletic little girl’s skills with ball and net by giving her a basketball goal as well. When you choose a basketball set, just imagine how much fun it would bring to the lives of your little ones. Make sure that you will purchase the highest quality product out there so that they get to enjoy your excellent gift for many years to come.

Indoor basketball sets are perfect for rainy days and unpredictable weather. Kids who have an affinity for the sport will have the chance to play the game with their siblings and friends even when the weather outside is not ideal for a match out of doors. Indoor sets are suitable for indoor basketball in any weather. A wall mounted basketball hoop may be placed in the play area inside the home or even the bedroom.

Parents will find many online sources of high-quality wall-mounted indoor basketball hoops for their sporty toddlers. Many opt for an indoor basketball set since the equipment can be used by the youngsters throughout the year. Outdoor basketball sets may have their advantages and unique attributes, but an indoor set-up is a year-long source of joy for kids of all ages. Many parents opt for this type of hoop for their children because they feel safer that the children are playing indoors where the incidence of injury is lessened.

Why wall mounted basketball hoops are worth the investment

The debate on whether it is more practical to get an indoor vs. outdoor basketball system is an ongoing topic amongst parents. To settle the issue, here are some advantages of choosing an indoor basketball set-up.”

  • No more fly-away balls that needed to be chased to the neighbor’s backyard or the street
  • No worries about kids wandering off into unsafe areas out of doors while chasing the ball
  • All year-round basketball game for young basketball enthusiasts


The wall mounted basketball hoop is just one of the many types of indoor basketball systems. The other kinds that available in the market today are standing, door mounted and electronic.

However, indoor basketball systems do pose certain disadvantages. Door mounted and wall mounted basketball systems can leave scuff marks on the surface especially when kids are playing an aggressive game, and that would be less than ideal. And the primary limitation of an indoor wall mounted hoop would be the limitation of space. After all, the outdoors would still provide more space for the game, especially when bigger kids are playing.

Indoor hoop current market offers

A typical indoor hoop for toddlers would cost from twenty to thirty dollars. This is the price range for a wall mounted hoop. A standing indoor basketball hoop is more expensive. The typical range is from fifty to seventy-five dollars. At this price range, the basketball system can be used both indoors and outdoors. Parents who can afford the electronic hoop for toddlers (costs from $150- 250) would not have to worry about scuffs and scratches on the walls and doors. The electronic hoop system comes with built-in protective devices.

The backboards of the indoor basketball systems for toddlers would measure from 18” to 23”. They are usually constructed with sturdy polycarbonate. These units may be mounted on any door in the house or on the wall. Wall mounted basketball systems may be enjoyed by children from two to five years of age. There are models of indoor hoops that may be folded up when not being used for a game of kiddie basketball. However, in most homes, the wall mounted set-up is typically left where it has been hung so that the kids can get to the game any time their parents allow it without having to ask and adult to set it up for them.

Made from the finest materials

Parent often give feedback on the high quality of the available indoor basketball systems for their toddlers. The backboards are usually made from state-of-the-art composites such as polycarbonate, and the nets are of the highest quality nylon. The rims are made of high-performance steel, and with the durable backboard, slam dunks are very much allowed (but still not highly encouraged). Some basketballs are inflatable, and sizes are appropriate to the small hands of a toddler.

One of the most fun versions of the indoor hoop is the electronic hoop system. The balls are returned automatically allowing for non-stop play. And the kids will appreciate the scorekeeping system and display. All the indoor systems are equipped with a reliable, quick mount system for easy placement on walls and doors.