Basketball drills-discover how to make that perfect pass

We all know, well at least if you know some bit of basketball then you’ll agree with me that the very first option when you receive the ball in a game is nothing other than making a perfect PASS. Therefore you need to keep your head the in-game and make a quick analysis on where you’ll put your next pass immediately you receive the ball without making a turnover.

The magic of a perfect pass is finding the most available player and choosing to make the appropriate pass. There are two basic types of passes in basketball as highlighted below.These are great basketball drills for youth especially.

Chest pass

This is the kind of pass that comes directly from your chest and is aimed at your teammate’s chest and preferably the best sort of pass because it is easy to catch and has no bounce

Bounce pass

It comes from your chest and takes one bounce off the ground to the hands of your teammate, this kind of pass is quite favorite not because it is beautiful to watch because of its technicality, but because it is hard to defend since the bounce is taken close to the feet of the defender and therefore the defender cannot be quick enough to get their hands on the ball.

However, there are types of passes that I won’t go into details explaining like;

Overhead pass

This calls for a pass made over your head to your teammate especially if it’s a bit long or if it’s from the guard to the post player in the key.

Push pass

This is a fast one-handed pass made, and it originates from near the ear and relies on the elbow being bent if it’s to be efficient and perfect and its direction often depends on the alignment of the defender.

Others include, hook pass, off the dribble pass, baseball pass and that’s almost all there is about passes.

However, to make any of the above you need the following;

  1. Use both hands as the basic.

This gives you more control over the ball as you pass and can help you give it a better direction.

  1. Step forth and into the pass.

To ensure proper velocity and control you should put one foot forward closer to the person you intend to pass to.

  1. Follow through.

To be a good shooter, you need to follow and therefore to be a good passer you need to do the same.

  1. The thumbs should face down after releasing the ball.

The extra principles you need are;

  • Make your pass easy to catch.
  • Pass away from the defender and if the defender is too close, fake and then pass
  • Make the easy pass, basically, don’t force a pass if you can’t even clearly see your teammate
  • Choose a bright target to avoid tipped balls
  • Take a lot of caution in case of taking tricky crossings Don’t jump unless it’s unavoidable.

Finally once taken into consideration than making a pass can be perfected in training, for example, try one training session to play without dribbling, this will help to improve accuracy and quick reaction.